Monday, May 5, 2014

Parashat Emor Text Message

Parashat Emor (You shall tell)

In this parasha, we find the commandment of counting the Omer. Between Pesach and Shavuot, we count the days that keep us away from Egypt and closer to Mount Sinai.
It is interesting to see that the commandment says, "Usfartem lachem" (You shall count for you).
This expression reminds us of two more commandments that use the word "lachem" (for you).
1) Ulekachtem lachem. You shall take for you (the four spieces of Sukkot)
2) Hachodesh haze lachem (counting the months)
I do not see that this is a simple coincidence. Most of the things we do every day, we do for others.
I think the Torah is telling us it is great to do for others, but you also have to have a time for you.
Sometimes there are very little, very few moments for ourselves; therefore, we need to count them, enjoy them and, of course, we will see the fruits, the results of these special moments.

If we nurture our souls with those moments for us, we will be more successful in doing for others.

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