Friday, July 25, 2014

Text Message Parashat Masei

Parashat Masei                

This parasha starts with 42 names of cities, villages or small places where the Israelites stopped during their journey in the desert.
Many of these names are "hapaxlegomenon" words that appear in the Bible just once. We know nothing about them, not even where they are located, but for sure those places were meaningful stations for the Israelites.
I spent the last couple of days listening to the IDF radio. Every time there is a siren anywhere in Israel, they stop the show and call the name of the places that are under threat.
To be honest, I have no idea where many of the places are, even though I lived in Israel. But they are as meaningful as those names in the Torah.

May we see the day when there will be peace even in the places we have no idea exist.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Matot Text message

Parashat Matot (heads of the tribes)

The Israelites are about to cross the Jordan River. 2.5 tribes ask Moses: Do you mind if we stay here? It may not be the promised land, but it is good for our cattle.
Moses has two answers: 1) Your brothers and sisters will be in war and you will sit comfortable here? 2) Your actions may motivate the rest of the people not to want to enter the land of Israel too!!!
Moses' first answer made me think of my family in Israel, myself and the famous phrase: "Any similarity with reality is pure coincidence"...

Moses' second answer made me think of how much impact our actions may affect others.  Very much.

Friday, July 11, 2014


Parashat Pinchas

In this section we find a most peculiar verse (Bamidbar 26:46): “And Asher’s daughter’s name was Serah.” Among the list of all the names that are listed, we find this lady.
One story about her when she was young tells us that when Moses looked for Joseph's bones to bring them back to Israel, she was the only one who remembered where they were buried.
Another story tells us she lived a long life and even advised King David.
Whether these stories are true or not, we can learn a lesson from them.
No matter how much the memory of our grandparents will last, their advice is always beneficial and wise.

Think of your grandparents and you will see I am right this time...  :)