Friday, May 16, 2014

Text Message parashat Bechukotai

Parashar Bechukotai (If you follow my rules)      

The parasha deals with the rewards and punishments that may come upon us if we follow or do not follow the rules.
It is interesting to note that the Torah dedicates only 10 verses to the blessings and more than 30 to the curses.
Not fair, right?
I think the message is hidden in the Torah. If we take a close look, we will see that the blessings start with the letter א (Aleph) and end with the letter ת (Tav).
The curses start with the letter ו (Vav) and end with the letter ה (Hei).
The way we should conduct our lives is hidden in these letters.
The blessings should take over everything in our lives. (From א (Aleph) ת(Tav), the whole Aleph-Bet.)
And if we have curses, they need to be minimized and reversed. [From ו (Vav) to ה (Hei), there is only one difference and in reverse order.]
What matters is not how small or big the curses and blessings are but how we are going to relate to them.

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