Friday, May 9, 2014

Text message Parashat Behar

Parashat Behar (at the mountain)           

Today I want to share with you a personal story. It is the story of my grandfather, Israel Isaac Z"L.
He was a Jewish cowboy. He owned land and cattle and rode a horse until he was 80 years old.
I would like to say he was the most generous person I ever knew. He tried to help everybody.
He heard someone had a problem, he was there. Someone needed help, he was there to help.
I am sure that if he wanted, he could have been a millionaire. He was not interested in being one, because I guess ultimately he knew everything he had didn't belong to him.
This parasha tells us that ultimately we are not the owners of our possessions (in this case, the land).
They belong to G-d and we have the opportunity to do good things with them.
When my grandpa got sick in 1994, he gave me a Siddur that I use every day to pray.

Every time I open that prayer book, I try to become more generous and more thankful to Hashem for what I have.

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