Monday, April 28, 2014

Text message Parashat Kedoshim.

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Parashat Kedoshim (you shall be a holy nation)

This Torah portion that deals with many rules includes the famous phrase, You shall love your neighbor as yourself. (By the way, that verse doesn't end with the word "yourself"; after yourself, there are the words "I am Hashem.")
Among these rules, we find the obligation to leave a corner of the fields to the poor and the strangers. For example, if we have a field with corn, we cannot harvest the whole field; we need to leave something for those in need.
What is really interesting is the Torah uses a general language for this rule and also a specific language for the same rule but for grapes. The Torah repeats the same commandment but for the fields of grapes.
Why is this so? I would like to suggest that there is a specific mention of the grapes because grapes represent happiness. We cannot be completely happy all the time. There are people in need and the Torah is highlighting that.
That is the way to become a holy nation. In our time of happiness, we still need to remember those in need.

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