Sunday, March 29, 2015

Tzav text message

Parashat Tzav (Command)

Sacrifices are all over the book of Leviticus. The details and repetitions may make it look an arid and "boring" text.
Part of the richness of the repetitions lays in minor changes that may happen and sometimes are "invisible."
In this section we find again a list of the sacrifices that were brought at the Tabernacle.
There is a common ground among all of them but one. All the sacrifices are to be eaten on the day (and the night) they are brought.
The only exception is the "Zevah Shelamim." For that sacrifice, people had two days and one night of time to eat it.
Shelamim comes from the word "shalem" and "shalom" - wholeness and peace.
Sometimes we need more time to achieve wholeness and to make peace.
It is just a matter of time.

In memory of my beloved mother and teacher Miriam Rachel bat Israel Itzchak Z"L

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