Friday, August 21, 2015

Shoftim Text message

Parashat Shoftim (Judges)

The Torah says “Tamim tiyieh im Ad-nai Elo-cha”
The word Tamim is a very challenging one when we try to translate it.  Perfect, blameless, never guilty, and innocent, are some of the words I found in different translations.
I would like to suggest that all those translations are incorrect.
The right translation should be: “with the capacity of being surprised”. You should be able to be surprised. The context is the prohibition of going to palm readers, magicians, or fortune tellers, so therefore I strongly believe the translation I proposed is the right one, especially if we learn that “Tamim” comes from the word “Tmihah”; in Hebrew that means surprise.
Sometimes with all the technology we have handy, we believe we know everything and we forget we can still be surprised.

In memory of my beloved mother and teacher Miriam Rachel bat Israel Itzchak Z"L

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