Friday, May 15, 2015

Behar Bechukotai Text Message

Parashiot Behar (at the mountain)  Bechukotai (If you follow my rules)      

These sections are the last two of the book of Leviticus.
The first one deals mainly with the rules of Shmita and Iovel, the seventh and the fiftieth year.
We read in chapter 26:20-21:  And if ye shall say, “What shall we eat the seventh year? Behold, we shall not sow nor gather in our increase. Then I will command My blessing upon you..."
Many times we ask and our kids ask: What are we going to eat today? And when we or they hear the answer... There is a complaint...
How should we react? How should we educate ourselves and our kids?
Hashem blesses us with the possibility of having food on our plates. Many times this is something we take for granted. It should not be that way.
Having a plate of food is a blessing that Hashem sends to us, hopefully every day.

In memory of my beloved mother and teacher Miriam Rachel bat Israel Itzchak Z"L

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