Friday, June 6, 2014

Text message Beaalotcha

Parashat Beaalotcha (When you kindle the lamps)                          

My daughter Catalina likes to ask questions. She sometimes gets surprised and upset when I answer: " I don't know."
How is that possible, she asks; you are a rabbi...
My answer is:  You know what? Even Moses, the greatest rabbi, didn't know everything and he asked G-d several times.
This parasha deals with the first of ten times Moses asked G-d for an answer.
A group of people were impure and could not eat the Passover sacrifice. Moses didn't know what to do with them. He consulted G-d, and Pesach sheni (a "second Passover") was instituted.

Sometimes the greatest wisdom is not knowing everything. More important is to know when to say "I do not know" and recognizing the source of all knowledge.

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